“Vader Immortal” VR Game Gets Chapter 2 Trailer

Vader Immortal Vr Game Gets Chapter 2 Trailer

Lucasfilm’s ILMxLab has released “Vader Immortal Episode II” on Facebook’s Oculus Quest VR headset on Wednesday, the new episode of the game title featuring Maya Rudolph as the voice of robot ZO-E3.

In the new episode, players get to learn from the Sith Lord and battle new creatures while uncovering the secrets of Mustafar. Episode II will once again combine a narrative experience with a light saber dojo where players can use the force to face off against enemies.

In Episode II, the training ground is becoming a lot more challenging and gives players the ability to combine light saber fighting with the force – including throwing the light saber at enemies and then retrieving it again.

ILMxLab released the first episode in May and the third and final part is expected to be out relatively soon.