Two Hellboys Meet As Reboot Is Gearing Up

Comedian Patton Oswalt recently orchestrated a dinner between previous film Hellboy Ron Perlman and the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot’s Hellboy David Harbour just as the film starring the latter heads into pre-production.

It was a success judging by the social media postings of all three as they discussed the character. Harbour has recently been posting updates on how the R-rated “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen” is going. Harbour confirms he met with creator Mike Mignola and director Neill Marshall this week and has even had his right arm fitted for the character’s signature the Right Hand of Doom.

Speaking about what he plans to bring to the role, Harbour told Yahoo recentl7:

“[Hellboy] is very rich. I think the films did a certain thing, the comics do a certain thing. Hellboy is kind of a neurotic, messed-up individual who’s destined for a horrible fate. He’s destined to become the beast of the apocalypse. Whenever he shows up and does the right thing, people throw beers at him and show up with pitchforks and he still manages to do the right thing. I think it’s funny and it’s sweet and it’s weird, and hopefully I can bring that to it as well.”

At last report, the studio wants to begin filming this September and this would suggest things are headed that way. with Millennium Films then releasing the film in cinemas sometime in 2018.

Right Hand of Doom.

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