“True Detective” S3 Duo Talk Location

True Detective S3 Duo Talk Location

Details are still vague about the upcoming third season of HBO’s “True Detective” which aims to revitalize the once acclaimed show. What we do know is it’s about a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, a mystery that spans three separate time periods.

Currently filming in Arkansas, creator Nic Pizzolato and star Mahershala Ali spoke with Arkansas Online and said the choice of location is key to the story. Pizzolato says: “The mystery of the deep woods. The fog over the mountains. The rivers. The water. The sense of scale when you get out to some of this nature. Also, what the buildings say about the lives behind them. So I feel like people will see it as an extension of character, something that embodies characters’ emotional journeys while influencing those journeys.”

Ali adds: “It would have been a disservice to the story not to shoot in the Ozarks, in Fayetteville, in Arkansas, because it’s such a character in the story.” He also explains how he approached his character in terms of one key aspect – his gait: “My character would not move or operate the same way if he was in New York. I’ve given myself permission to go slower even if they want me to speed up a bit. You end up essentially aligning yourself with the frequency of the pace. And that’s how something will resonate as being truthful or not.”

Shooing on the new season began in February and wraps this coming week. The new series is expected to air sometime in 2019.