“Toy Story 4” Nabs $12M In Sneak Previews

New International Trailer Toy Story 4

Disney Pictures is reporting that the Thursday night preview of Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” raked in $12 million, the second best preview night for an animated movie after the studio’s “Incredibles 2” ($18.5M) and three times that of the preview night for “Toy Story 3”.

The preview night lays the groundwork for “Toy Story 4” to pull in $55 million on Friday, headed towards an opening weekend in the $150-160 million minimum range. Reviews for the film have been stellar and so it’s not only expected to be big but also have long legs.

Additionally, the “Child’s Play” reboot also posted a strong preview number with $1.65 million – suggesting it is headed for an opening weekend between $16-18 million. Not faring so well was Luc Besson’s “Anna” which made just $325,000 and will likely have an opening weekend in the single million digits.

With the new competition moving in, others have to make way with the “X-Men” film “Dark Phoenix” being the main victim. The underperforming blockbuster is reportedly about to lose more than 1,600 theaters (around 44% of its footprint) around the country – despite this only being its third weekend.

Source: Box-Office Mojo