The Random Spiel: February 13th 2007

“His presence is felt in the movie. He doesn’t physically appear, no…It’s more of a finite movie than the first one. It’s not open-ended… But Galactus doesn’t actually appear” says Ioan Gruffudd about the upcoming “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

-There are NO PLANS for a “Jaw 5” direct-to-DVD sequel, but an HD release of the original IS happening.

-Adrien Brody’s reps have told IGN Movies a firm ‘no comment’ to rumours the Oscar-winner would be playing the new “Incredible Hulk”. They added it was too “premature” at this stage to respond to the rumor.

-The trade papers have confirmed that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller are teaming up for “The Hardy Boys” as rumoured earlier this week.

-It is now confirmed that Ryan Kwanten will be playing Jason Stackhouse on Alan Balls new series True Blood for HBO. HBO today approved him for the cast and he has accepted their offer

-Nicolas Cage has some fun comments on “She Hulk” and adds a little more about “National Treasure 2”.

– Whilst there will probably be an extended cut DVD of “Ghost Rider”, it will NOT be anywhere near the size of the “Daredevil” extended cut in terms of length or scope.

-Warren Ellis has denied talk that an adaptation of his “Ocean” graphic novel series is in the works.

-Robert DeNiro is still quite keen on two sequels to “The Good Shepherd” despite the film’s box-office failure.