“The Office” To Leave Netflix In 2021

The Office To Leave Netflix In 2021

NBCUniversal has announced that, starting in 2021, its nine-season long and still popular finished sitcom “The Office” will begin airing exclusively on its new home at the studio’s own standalone streaming service.

The series currently is available on demand on Netflix and is one of the most popular shows on the service. NBCU launches its ad-supported streaming service in 2020 and, once their current deal with Netflix expires at the end of 2020, all nine seasons of the series will then be available on the new service from the start of 2021.

Multiple outlets reportedly bid for the SVOD rights for the series with CNBC saying Netflix offered $90 million a year to keep “The Office” on its service, but NBC beat them out with one of $100 million a year.

The report comes as more and more companies are pulling their legacy content off of amalgamated streamers like Netflix in order to have them on their own branded streaming services. A similar thing is expected to happen to “Friends” which is now on Netflix and will soon be pulled and shifted to the WarnerMedia streaming service.

Disney+ meanwhile will also have an ace up its sleeve with all thirty seasons of “The Simpsons” available on its service when it launches in November.

Source: Variety