“The Crow” Reboot Is Back In Development

The Crow Reboot Is Back In Development

The long in development reboot for “The Crow” franchise has been resurrected from the dead.

Numerous attempts at a new take on the James O’Barr comic came and went throughout much of last decade with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Jack Huston, Luke Evans and most recently Jason Momoa attached in the title role.

Momoa and helmer Corin Hardy (“The Nun”) came the closest to making it work, but Sony shut down the project two years ago just ahead of production.

Things have been all quiet ever since until today as Bloody Disgusting reports that the project is back in development and is being retooled.

Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow, who had previously had a deal in place to finance and distribute, are still involved but Momoa, Hardy and likely Sony Pictures are all out.

The film is planned to be a more direct adaptation of the 1989 comic than the famed 1994 film starring Brandon Lee who died during production.

The story centers on musician Eric Draven who, on the night before his wedding, is murdered along with his fiancee by members of a violent inner-city gang. On the anniversary of their death, Eric is brought back from the dead and takes up the mantle of supernatural avenger The Crow to track down the thugs responsible for their deaths.