Study: Streaming Won’t Impact Cinemas

So far numerous studies have confirmed the obvious – those who tend to go to the cinema more also tend to be the ones who consume the most media on streaming. Film lovers seem to be relatively format-agnostic, and so when it comes to viewing it’s not an either/or proposition but more often one of having their theatrical and streaming dishes and sampling from them both.

A new study recently published by media research firm Screen Engine and ASI Global Entertainment Tech Tracker (via Variety) re-affirms that streaming will have little impact on cinema attendance. For those who watched less than 12 films in a year on SVOD, they also saw 5.2 films in cinema. For those who watched more than 12 on SVOD, they attended the cinema 6.5 times.

51% of moviegoers agreed with the statement “most or all of what I watch is through subscription streaming” while 52% of non-moviegoers agreed, suggesting SVOD services aren’t a substitute for trips to the movie theater. Even as year-to-date box-office revenues are down over 6% in North America as of the end of the third quarter, streamers are in a position to argue that their most avid users are also the ones most likely keeping the box-office afloat.

As of last month, Amazon Prime Video led the way in terms of most movies on their service with 14,819 films in the U.S. compared to 3,912 for Netflix and 1,299 for Hulu. Netflix is the one leading with original films though with 394 on its service compared to 12 for Amazon and 15 for Hulu.