Study: James Bond Has A Drinking Problem

Bond 25 Casting For Three Villain Roles

A fun new study published in the Medical Journal of Australia has come to a conclusion pretty much all the rest of the world has long known – James Bond has a drinking problem.

The study authors found that in his entire onscreen career, Agent 007 has drunk 109 times, the most excessive outing being the six Vespers he downed in “Quantum of Solace” which would’ve raised his blood alcohol level to a 0.36 rating – enough to kill some people.

In addition, he binge drinks, drives drunk, brawls drunk, f–ks drunk, and operates nuclear machinery after drinking. That satisfies more than half of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 criteria for alcohol use disorder.

The study authors concluded: “There is strong and consistent evidence that James Bond has a chronic alcohol consumption problem at the ‘severe’ end of the spectrum. He should seek professional help and try to find other strategies for managing occupational stress.”

The study reportedly won a Christmas competition held by the publication.

Source: Esquire