Studio Is In Talks For An “IT” Supercut

Studio Is In Talks For An It Supercut

While his previous comments have indicated it as more of a flight of fancy, “IT” director Andy Muschietti now says that there is actual movement on a proposed single ‘supercut’ of both chapters of “IT” – one that would involve a re-edit of the picture, the inclusion of deleted material and some new scenes.

Speaking with ET Online, Muschietti says: “We’re in talks with the studio to make a supercut, which is basically the two movies edited together with all the material that is not in the released versions. And yeah, there are a couple of scenes that I want to shoot to make this a new experience.”

Specifically, he says there are two sequences he has yet to shoot that he would like to add – “one thing is from the novel and the other thing is not… I want to be a little cryptic about it.”

The two films clock in at 135 minutes and 165 minutes respectively – totalling five hours. Muscietti estimates his supercut will be extended the story to “around” six-and-a-half hours and is open to potentially doing it in a more series-like format such as what Quentin Tarantino did turning an extended “The Hateful Eight” cut into a four-episode series: “People can choose how to see it, all in one or, you know, making little pauses, or bingeing! Maybe it’s divided in episodes. People now, they binge a series for 10 hours of viewing, so it wouldn’t surprise me.”

“IT: Chapter Two” is in cinemas now and is expected to rake in around $100 million at the domestic box-office.