Star Trek: Next Gen Blu-ray Trailer Hits

We knew it was coming but Paramount has now made it official – “Star Trek: The Next Generation” will dive into 1080p waters with the Blu-ray release of a sampler of several popular episodes.

In an official announcement at, it has been confirmed that the single sampler disc will hit January 31st, with a complete first season set to be released later on in 2012. With the show celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, my personal guess is they’ll try and release the S1 boxset on the date the pilot aired – September 28th, exactly one year from today.

As previously reported the transfer proved a difficult technical challenge, even more so than the HD transfer of the original series. CBS had to return to the original film negatives – encompassing 25,000-plus reels of footage – and edit the episodes together precisely as they were when they originally aired. All visual effects had to be recompositioned digitally, no ‘up-conversions’ from video.

Combined with 7.1 DTS Master Audio remixes, the result will be the series looking and sounding better than it ever has before. Check out the cover art below: