“Sonic” Snags Good Reviews & Box-Office

Sonic Snags Good Reviews Box Office

The film adaptation of the classic SEGA video game franchise “Sonic the Hedgehog” is expected to dominate the Presidents Day holiday weekend box-office in the United States with a four-day Friday-Monday debut targeting a $45-50 million start domestically.

Rated PG, costing a relatively cheap $81 million to produce, and with little competition for family dollars – the movie is expected to do well for the studio with its decision to both fix Sonic’s look and delay the movie to a less crowded date than originally planned proving to be a good one it would appear.

Even more surprising? Reviews for the film aren’t too bad and the movie is one of the best ones in terms of game-to-film adaptations. With 61 reviews counted, the film is sitting at 70% (5.97/10) on Rotten Tomatoes with praise for its tight runtime, smaller focus and a large amount of gushing for Jim Carrey’s work which is said to akin to his classic 1990s schtick.

The film’s director Jeff Fowler recently spoke to Digital Spy about the change in design of the titular character and admits he was nervous when they first revealed the change:

“It was definitely a little bit of like, ‘Oh man, what happens if they don’t like this?’ But really, everyone that saw it internally as I was working on the film, just responded so positively. It really felt like, once we shared it with the fans, they would really embrace it and be excited about it. Fortunately, any anxiety I had the night before passed really quickly once it was released. Because, yeah, it was such an incredible feeling to see Sonic 2.0 get embraced the way it was.”

“Sonic” will open against the Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanield-led romance-drama “The Photograph” and the horror reimagining of “Fantasy Island” with both of those to open around $15 million each over the four days, while “Downhill,” the Will Ferrel-led remake of “Force Majeure,” is bombing on impact and is only tracking to open in the $4 million range for the four days.