Snyder, Trevorrow, Abrams Shoot Down Rumors

Snydercut Fans Respond To Hbo Max

Three major directors have shot down some recent online reports about their past and potential future projects.

First up Zack Snyder continues to stoke the fires of the ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement. The other day he posted a photo of film canisters that seemed to indicate the mythical cut of “Justice League” exists and clocks in at a whopping 214 minutes long.

Online, assumptions quickly began to coalesce around the idea that the extended runtime was actually because the Snyder Cut is an assembly cut – a long way away from a final film. Snyder took to Twitter to refute those remarks, saying his assembly cut was nearly 5 hours long – inferring the image is likely Snyder’s own cut of the film.

Next, filmmaker Colin Trevorrow has shot down a report that emerged yesterday claiming to have details on the early version of the script for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” back when Trevorrow was attached to co-write and helm.

Trevorrow used Twitter to refute the details that were being reported saying: “Normally I’d say nothing, but not a single thing in here was ever in any screenplay Derek [Connolly] and I wrote. Not one thing. All the best to you guys.”

Finally, Ex-“Star Wars” director J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production label recently signed a deal with WarnerMedia to create new content. In addition, Abrams’ name has been linked as a potential director of the next Superman film.

Abrams now refutes the latter part of that report, telling Screen Rant: “I have not had one official conversation with Warners at all about this, but people have asked me this question and I know that we, Bad Robot, we recently signed a deal with WarnerMedia, we will begin in earnest all discussions about what’s coming next.”