“Silver & Black” To Launch Female Spider-Verse?

The upcoming “Silver & Black,” Sony’s female superhero film based on the “Spider-Man” comics characters Silver Sable and Black Cat, may be the start of a new cinematic universe.

According to a new rumor at Splash Report, Sony is planning an “Avengers”-style ensemble movie that would feature only the women of the studio’s burgeoning Spider-Man universe.

The all-female team-up film would include Black Cat and Silver Sable along with Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Angelina Brancale (Stunner), Sarah Ehret (Jackpot) and Cassie St. Commons (Dusk).

In related news, a first clip from the new Disney XD animated “Spider-Man” series is now online ahead of its debut this summer. The series tells the story of an unsure but courageous teen who has to figure out how to be a superhero from the very beginning.