Sheen, Rhys Join Animated “Heart of Darkness”

Michael Sheen, Matthew Rhys and Andrew Scott are set to voice major characters in “Heart of Darkness,” a new animated feature adaptation of the famed 1898 Joseph Conrad novella.

The original story followed Marlow, an idealistic steamboat captain sailing up the River Congo during the brutal Belgian rule and on a mission to find a mysterious figure named Kurtz who has carved out a kingdom deep in the jungle.

Sheen is set to voice Kurtz, Scott voices the Russian sailor Harlequin, Rhys plays a relative of Marlow that he meets on the journey. The central role of Marlow is uncast at present.

The famed story has been adapted many times across numerous formats, most notably Francis Ford Coppola used it as the basis for “Apocalypse Now”. Gerald Conn helms this new adaptation which will be animated via a technique using sand.

Production is taking place across Wales, Ireland and Belgium. Mark Jenkins and Mary Kate O’Flanagan penned the script.

Source: THR