“Sense8” Finale On-Set Featurette

Netflix has premiered a new featurette about the “Sense8” finale special which is currently in production ahead of a 2018 premiere.

After being canceled in June, fan support helped push the streaming service to commit to a feature-length finale for their series about eight people across the globe who are connected by thoughts and actions.

Toby Onwumere, Tina Desai, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Jamie Clayton, Tuppence Middleton, Doona Bae, Brian J. Smith, and Max Riemelt all make an appearance in the clip along with Lana Wachowski. As things are on a tighter budget and schedule than a regular season, the production is having to spend limited time in its global locations for the finale and so it sounds like a fairly manic production.

“Sense8” will return in 2018.