“Rime” Re-Reveal Game Trailer Sets Date

IGN has posted what’s been dubbed the ‘re-reveal gameplay trailer’ for “Rime,” the long-anticipated indie game title which was first revealed in trailer form back in May 2013 and which has had comparisons to “The Last Guardian”.

Now, almost four years on, the game is finally targeting a May 2017 release and the new trailer reintroduces the world to the game. It also confirms that the game will be available on all key platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Nintedo Switch and Windows PC.

The game was initially greenlit by Microsoft who let it go, with Sony then picking it up as a PS4-exclusive. Then developer Tequila Works (“Deadlight”) revealed last year they had acquired the rights back from Sony with Grey Box and Six Foot set to release it.

Source: IGN