Review: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Great fun even if the appeal is somewhat more directed than usual, ‘Wedding’ is a mid-year delight that’ll get a few (if not more) good chortles out of you thanks to its simple light-hearted story combined with an angle – an over the top Greek family who make fun of but embrace all the stereotypes that are labelled on the Greeks by western culture.

Done for practically no money and without major stars aside from some acclaimed supporting comic talent like John Corbett and Ali Kazan, its astonishing how much of this not only has the look and feel of a studio romantic comedy, but has a more offbeat sense of fun and a healthy upbeat uncynical view which still manages to deliver biting humour.

Nia Vardalos makes fun of herself, her culture, her family and more in the sharply written script and she shows she’s quite capable of carrying the film. John Corbett is utterly charming and this should help him land more romantic lead roles as he comes across as likable, charismatic, good humoured and handsome. The family all put in strong turns even if there’s quite a few too many to go around – Kazan though once again proves my fave, though Luis Mandylor has a nice turn as Vardalos’ brother and the pair have a quite touching scene. Even N’Syncer Joey Fatone does well with his scant few lines.

Downsides? Well yes its predictable and feels forced at times with some gags and romantic scenes struggling but for the most part its quite astonishing how well its all held together with tight direction and editing. Some may complain about the labelling and at times un-PC elements but its all done in good fun and with a very knowledgable sense behind it which makes things feel as if they’ve been done by someone whose an authority on all things Greek (as Vardalos surely is).