Review: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

The likeable leads and a slight mean streak help lift this otherwise ultra-bland romantic comedy above the soggy and somewhat limp material upon which its based. “How to Lose a Guy…” will be forgotten shortly after its release, but it does prove that Kate Hudson has both the looks and charm to pull off leading lady status with ease whilst McConaughey brings the necessary hunk & yet unpretentious male element required for his part. Likewise the idea behind the story which has both of them playing against each other but with different motivations in mind is a good concept but sadly one which is never executed well.

There’s a lot of supporting characters from the gorgeous Bebe Neuwirth as Kate’s editor to Michael Michele as Matt’s beautiful business rival for an ad contract who helps setup the premise. Yet with so much going on, there’s a real sense of tedium in regards to proceedings. Sequences in which each try to piss each other off come out as unconvincing whilst one character’s complete and unexpected turnaround into a nice person towards the end is totally unbelievable.

The story is filled with cliched moments of people trying to piss each other off but doing so in a PG-13 friendly way. At least a scene right at the start in which McConaughey unashamedly strips for his female office worker audience knows its doing it purely for tittilation value.

The gags are few and far between here whilst other sequences which seem desperate to be funny come out not only as dull but really quite painful to watch from a constantly interrupted poker game to a karaoke massacre of Carly Simon’s classic “You’re So Vain”. Worse yet there’s a real mean sense to some of the scenes from the girls “Sex & The City” shallow bitchiness at a party, to some ‘blokey’ comments which are borderline sexist. Overly long and overstuffed, there’s just not enough here for a recommendation. Here’s hoping Kate’s career only goes up from here.