Review: “Halloween Resurrection”

Seven sequels on and by this point one’s wondering why bother – Jamie Lee Curtis sure is which explains her all too brief appearance in this flick. After successfully bringing back what was arguably a dead and buried six film franchise with the admittedly fun and entertaining seventh entry “Halloween: H20”, Moustapha Akkad had to just keep on whipping out William Shatner’s old face mold to pay for his spa bills. As a result we have ‘Resurrection’, which whilst not the worst of the franchise, is still one of the weaker ones. ‘Resurrection’ finds it strength lying in two elements – its concept and Rhymes.

The reality TV show concept seems rather dated now but the way its told here came off better than I expected and setting wise its quite believable even if this house is about the size of an English country mansion (makes you wonder if Greg and Marcia Brady had their own S&M chamber). Busta Rhymes also provides fun comic support and a nice foil in certain scenes to the plans of everyone’s favourite pale-faced psycho.

The rest of the film however is a waste. Despite the decently clever (though predictable) way to explain Michael’s decapitation at the end of H20, we then have the big opening segment where Michael and Laurie face off. Its one of the biggest let down endings for a truly great horror movie heroinne ever and lacks both the shock value and power of something like Heather Langenkamp’s demise in the third Elm Street.

From there on its the whole webcast storyline with the standard cast including slutty blonde, Net geek with a crush, an “American Pie” cast member, a gorgeous model with two lines, and various wannabes with the exception of our shy but smart heroinne played with charm by Bianca Kajlich. Standard deaths ensue, a secret is revealed about where Mikey has hidden all these years (in a rather boring basement), the events in films 3-6 are completely ignored as usual, and a Josh Hartnett photo sneaks in there.

A few beats of the famous tune play, nasty deaths with various pointy things ensue, we get to see a brief flash of tit, and of course Michael is seemingly dead by the end (why don’t these people dump him in a vat of acid – then they’d be bloody sure). Its all as predictable as hell and not particularly scary, yet there’s at least a vague attempt at some thought in this with the story though it definitely was not effectively pulled off. Considering some of the material that made it into “Goldmember”, it looks like anyone with the name Michael Myers has earned reputations for flogging dead horses.