Review: “Domestic Disturbance”

Short of Travolta’s involvement there’s nothing in this that separates it from a bad Hallmark TV movie of the week, indeed one wonders where in the hell did all the $40+ million budget go?. ‘Domestic’ is what’s known as a lazy thriller – all the cliches are there, the writing is uninspired and the attempts at suspense laughable.

One wonders why some sequences even try – dark lighting and moody music helps but lets just say Vince Vaughn is not someone many people would find scary. Nevertheless one of its few saving graces is its performances. Travolta may have picked some blunders of late but every now and then he’ll give a decent effort like “The General’s Daughter”.

Whilst this isn’t at that level, there’s times when he is convincing in the part, helped quite well by newcomer Matthew O’Leary. O’Leary seriously steals the movie – child actors I have very little patience for but on rare occasion one will rise up that makes me take notice – Elijah Wood and Haley Joel Osment did that, O’Leary does it here too and I hope he has a successful future.

Vaughn and Polo are forgettable (Caughn retreading his Norman Bates routine) whilst even the usually great Steve Buscemi disappoints. This is a pale attempt to recreate a Hitchcock thriller, and it fails due to a very ordinary by the numbers style.