Review: “Date Movie”

“Date Movie” brings up an interesting question about the nature of humour. Well aware that its not clever enough to attempt swipes at popular culture, it certainly doesn’t qualify as satire. As the entire film is based around making fun of famous romantic comedies, its technically parody and yet the whole point of parody is to imitate something in a way that yields humour.

“Date Movie” doesn’t yield humour. At all. There’s not a single laugh to be had. In essence the film becomes one giant series of imitations which isn’t just not funny – it could possibly qualify as plagiarism. Trying to generate laughs out of material that was already comedic (and much sharper) does no-one any favours and essentially defeats the whole point of parodying something in the first place.

Had the film attempted to actually dissect pop culture a little, or even attempted its own plotline, it could’ve been something more. Instead we have film that’s so bad it makes those horrible “Scary Movie” films seems like genuine comedies. Even those at least were able to generate the oddd laugh thanks to the original films they were parodying being serious horror films and thus better fodder for comedic spins.

That leaves only the earnestness of the cast as the sole thing to keep the movie plodding along. Alyson Hannigan, one of the strongest actors to come out of “Buffy” and the “American Pie” films, makes her character easily sympathetic but most of that is because of her natural charisma rather than her tiresome character.

Hunky Brit Adam Campbell, armed with a tight lithe body and self-effacing demeanour, is easy to fall for as her charming and always noble suitor. Aussie singer Sophie Monk makes a decent debut as Alyson’s rival, a blond goddess who’s incredible bikini-clad slow-motion entrance is the only thing from this movie that people will find any rewatch value over.

The rest of the cast is left adrift, even solid comic talents Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge and of course Eddie Griffin are stuck doing schtick that’s so beneath them I hope they scored a good paycheck. No celebrity cameos either, the film reusing much of its small pool of talent to obviously compensate for the lack of a proper casting budget, whilst imitations of the likes of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez are one-note jokes that are stretched simply too thin. Easily one of the worst films of the year and should be ashamed to call itself a comedy – “Big Momma” was better than this.