Refn, Hillcoat Plan “Witchfinder General” Remake

Refn Hillcoat Plan Witchfinder General Remake

Considered one of the great and certainly most underrated horror films of the 1960s, the Michael Reeves-directed “Witchfinder General” looks to be getting the remake treatment.

Vincent Price starred in the original as lawyer Matthew Hopkins who claims to have been appointed to the titular role during the English Civil War in the 17th century. Roger Corman co-produced the film based on Ronald Bassett’s novel. It was a very serious and quite dark affair with a real focus on the horror humanity can inflict upon itself.

Several years ago came word of the project with “Drive” and “Only God Forgives” filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn attached to produce – Refn has just debuted two episodes from his Amazon series “Too Old To Die Young” at Cannes. Tied to that, several more names attached to the new ‘Witchfinder’ have been revealed.

The key new hires are “The Proposition” and “The Road” helmer John Hillcoat who is slated to direct, while scribe Jon Croker is penning the script. Croker penned “The Woman in Black” sequel along with doing uncredited work on “American Animals” and the “Paddington” films. Rupert Preston will also produce.

No word as to when the project might happen as it’s still in fairly early development from the sounds of it.

Source: Deadline