“Raid” Director Plans Gangland Drama Series

“The Raid” director Gareth Evans is teaming with HBO’s Cinemax and Sky Atlantic for a new drama series going by the working title “Gangs of London”.

The story is set in contemporary London as it is becoming torn apart by power struggles involving a number of international gangs. As the head of one criminal gang is assassinated, the power vacuum threatens the fragile peace between the other underworld organisations.

Pulse Films (“American Honey”) and Sister Pictures will produce the series which is said to have a ‘fun’ and ‘adrenalized’ tone and will air in 2019. Evans, Flannery, Peter Berry, Clare Wilson and Joe Murtagh will write.

Jane Featherstone, Anna Ferguson, Thomas Benski and Lucas Ochoa will executive produce. Evans is finishing up work on the period feature “Apostle” starring Dan Stevens.

Source: Deadline