R.I.P. Richard Matheson

One of the giants, famed sci-fi author Richard Matheson, has died in California at the age of 87.

Matheson’s most famous novel, “I Am Legend,” has been adapted three times for the screen – most recently the 2007 version starring Will Smith.

Numerous other novels and short stories of his were turned into films including “Duel,” “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” “Somewhere in Time, “The Legend of Hell House,” “The Comedy of Terrors,” “Stir of Echoes,” “What Dreams May Come,” “The Box,” and “Real Steel”.

He himself penned numerous episodes of TV shows like “Star trek,” “Night Gallery,” “Lawman” and multiple episodes of “The Twilight Zone” including one of that show’s most iconic stories – “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”.