Producer: Scorsese’s “Irishman” Is ‘Very Funny’

Producer Scorseses Irishman Is Very Funny

After the staunch arthouse stoicism of “Silence,” filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s return to the gangster genre with “The Irishman” is expected to be a much more mainstream and wide-appealing affair.

That said, Scorsese’s work within the genre has varied considerably in tone from the more lighter tales blending dark laughs and brutality (“The Departed,” “Goodfellas”) to the more serious-minded crime dramas (“Casino,” “Mean Streets”). So where does “The Irishman” fall along those lines?

Producer Jane Rosenthal tells Variety this week to expect this one to join the more light-hearted of Scorsese’s gangster films, and made it a point to try and see it theatrically if you can:

“There will be some sort of theatrical component. You have to have that. It’s a different experience than watching it at home. In a theater, you may start to laugh at something because the people next to you are laughing – and The Irishman is very funny, much like Goodfellas was funny.”

It’s known Netflix will give “The Irishman” a theatrical release, though for how long and how wide it will be is not clear. Rosenthal continues though, saying:

“Marty is a genius in the way his shots move. You see them differently on a big screen. I watched Roma in a theater, and the clarity of the black and white on a big screen was so beautiful. You miss that when you watch it at home on your computer. But at the same time you have a situation where audiences have more power than ever before over how they want to watch something.”

Scorsese’s long-time editor Thelma Schoonmaker has previously shied away from comparing the film to Scorsese’s other work saying “The Irishman” is very much its own thing. The film is targeting a release sometime in October.