“Predator” Actor Sonny Landham Has Died

Actor Sonny Landham, who made memorable appearances in 1980s action classics “Predator” and “48 Hrs.,” has died from congestive heart failure in Kentucky. He was 76.

Part Seminole and part Cherokee, Landham’s early work in the 1970s included several X-rated films before transitioning to more mainstream fare with Walter Hill’s iconic 1979 street-gang thriller “The Warriors”.

He then went on to play tough guys in various 1980s and 1990s films including the likes of “Action Jackson,” “Maximum Force,” “Lock Up,” and most famously as Native American tracker Billy Sole in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led “Predator” and the criminal Billy Bear in “48 Hrs.”.

In 2003, Landham embarked on a brief campaign for the governor of Kentucky, but was unable to secure the Republican Party’s nomination. Landham also ran for the Kentucky State Senate in 2004.

Landham is survived by his son, William, and daughter, Priscilla.

Source: Variety