Pratt Praises Disney Over Gunn Rehire

Pratt Praises Disney Over Gunn Rehire

Attending the “Avengers: Endgame” premiere earlier this week, actor Chris Pratt has spoken about his excitement to have James Gunn back at the helm of Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”.

Disney famously fired the helmer last summer when decade-old tweets featuring tasteless and offensive jokes resurfaced, dredged up by right-wing bloggers attacking the helmer’s outspoken political voice on social media.

Many, including the cast, were shocked by the studio’s decision and all released a joint statement in support of Gunn shortly after. Ultimately a few months ago, Disney hired him back at the helm. Talking with People about the reinstatement, Pratt says:

“I was so thrilled, so excited. I think it’s the right move, I really stand behind it. I’m really proud of Disney for hiring James back and ultimately thrilled for not only us, but also for the fans. I think it’s going to wrap up the trilogy in the best way.”

Gunn is currently prepping to film “The Suicide Squad” at Warner Bros. Pictures with casting underway at the moment. Once that wraps, he’ll get to work on the next ‘Guardians’.