“Parasite” & “Memories” Coming To Criterion

Parasite Memories Coming To Criterion

Following on from Best Picture winner “Parasite” getting a major re-release this weekend and the recently announced re-release of 2003’s “Memories of Murder,” distributor NEON and famed home video label Criterion have exciting news for Bong Joon-ho fans.

The pair have announced that both of those aforementioned films from the Korean auteur will be coming to the Criterion Collection later this year. Both are expected to be special editions packed with extras, but there are no actual dates for the releases as yet. They will mark the first time Bong’s films have received the Criterion treatment.

“Parasite” recently hit Blu-ray in a relatively bare-bones regular release, and surprisingly there was no 4K UHD disc made available – even as a 4K Digital HD version is out there to buy or rent on the major services. Criterion has yet to do any 4K releases.

Source: NEON