Of “Power Rangers” Posters, Theories & Toons

Did Bryan Cranston accidentally give away a story spoiler about the new “Saban’s Power Rangers” film due to a photo?


One popular theory going around is that Zordon, the talking computer whom the “Breaking Bad” star plays via motion capture, used to be the original red Power Ranger and Rita Repulsa was a Green Ranger who became a space witch.

Andrew Gray, who played the Red Ranger in 2013’s “Power Rangers Megaforce,” was given a copy of Cranston’s new memoir in which the actor inscribed a personal message: “To Andrew, Happy birthday! To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well, Bryan Cranston.” The post was deleted from Gray’s Instagram almost as instantly as it appeared, but fans were able to capture it.

That could prove the Red Ranger becomes Zordon theory, or just be Cranston acknowleding his own long history with the show. Either way it has led to plenty of speculation.


In related news, producer Adi Shankar was one of the key people behind “Power/Rangers” – the 12-minute short film which offered a look at a violent, gritty and quite dark reimagining of the “Power Rangers” concept.

It got many’s attention and has now led to an unexpected gig for Shankar – he tells Polygon that he’s working on what he describes as a ‘really f—ing dark’ animated “Power Rangers” series that will serve as a “complete retelling of the first three seasons” from the original 1990s show. He adds that the project is still very much in the conceptualization phase and he hopes it will end up on a streaming service.

Finally, a new poster for the film has been officially unveiled and can be seen below. The “Power Rangers” movie opens in cinemas next month.

Source: Movieweb