No “God of War,” “Far Cry 5” Microtransactions

We’re now in a time where loot boxes and microtransactions in video games have gone from being a perceived necessary evil to not only being about as desirable as a fungal infection, but more importantly a potential dealbreaker which will turn people away from a title.

The group most nervous about them though are those who have no desire to be a part of the multiplayer or ‘games as a service’ only model, the fans of single-player titles. While microtransactions make sense in terms of free to play games or certain multiplayer titles where the entry price is low, those shelling out for a full priced single player-focused game are taking the least kindly to studios trying to implement this ancillary revenue stream.

Call it paranoia, but last year’s single-player title “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” came under heavy criticism for microtransactions in the game included the infamous ‘premium loot boxes’ which has caused all the problems in recent months due to several key late 2017 titles including “Destiny 2” and most famously “Star Wars: Battlefront II”.

In fact, it is now becoming a point of pride for studios to say their game does NOT include either microtransactions or loot boxes. Recently Ubisoft confirmed that the upcoming “Far Cry 5” will NOT feature loot boxes after a retail listing incorrectly suggested as such.

Now Cory Barlog, the creative director behind the upcoming “God of War” reboot for PS4, has assured gamers that there are no microtransactions in his game when it hits in April. Asked if there would be microtransactions requiring real money in order to purchase in-game items, Barlog responded on Twitter succinctly: “No freakin way!!!”.

This doesn’t discount that the game may have post-launch DLC, but that is a more standard and accepted ancillary revenue source, especially amongst single players and console players. “God of War” launches on April 20th.