“Gotham” S5 To Do No Man’s Land Story?

The back half of the fourth season of FOX’s “Gotham” is now underway with a whole bunch of episodes to go over the next two months leading up to the finale.

Now, Comicbook.com reports that the show’s fourth season finale will have the episode title of “No Man’s Land” which has led to speculation that it will setup a fifth season of the series inspired by the “No Man’s Land” comic storyline from the “Batman” comics.

In the comics, the story arc begins when a massive earthquake hits the city. With both the devastation so great and the criminals so in charge of it, the United States government abandons the metropolis – forcing Batman, The Bat Family, and the remaining members of the Gotham City Police Department to forge a resistance against the emboldened criminals of the city.

“Gotham” airs new episodes on Fox every Thursday.