Next “Far Cry” To Go Post-Apocalyptic

Next Far Cry To Go Post Apocalyptic

We know about ten or so major new video games will be revealed during The Game Awards tonight, and now it has been confirmed that one of them will be the next entry in the “Far Cry” series from Ubisoft – one which takes a post-apocalyptic turn.

Ubisoft has dropped a teaser trailer ahead of a bigger reveal tonight for the new game which is only listed as “Far Cry” at this point and isn’t likely “Far Cry 6” so much as a spin-off game (ala “Far Cry Primal”). The Game Awards will air tonight from 5:30pm US-PT with the full trailer to be released during the presentation.

This year’s “Far Cry 5” followed an insane prophet antagonist who warned of nuclear armageddon. Looks like he may have been correct as the game is set years after nuclear explosions ruined the world and it is a very dangerous place to live.