Next “Bourne” Re-Teams Damon & Greengrass

It looks like a “The Bourne Legacy” sequel is unlikely because if the Bourne franchise continues in the near future, it will be with star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass again.

Despite a critical slamming for being a lazy rehash of the previous films, the recent “Jason Bourne” took in $415 million worldwide and so if Universal can continue with the pair at the helm they obviously will.

Today, producer Frank Marshall addressed these questions and more in a interview with Yahoo Movies UK where he was asked if he had talked with Greengrass and Damon about more Bourne movies. He responded:

“I have spoken to them both. Obviously they’re very pleased with how the movie turned out. It’s really about the story, just like on this one, everyone said ‘if you come to us with a good story, we’ll think about it.’

So right now, we’re taking a pause and then we’re going to dive back in and try to find a story. We did leave it wide open at the end of the movie to continue on in Bourne’s world so we’ll see what we can come up with.”

Marshall also spoke about the possibility of Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross from “The Bourne Legacy” returning in his own sequels:

“Probably not. I don’t know. That story is still out there as well but it’s not… we’re not talking about it.”

In a separate inteview with CinemaBlend he also shot down talk of a potential crossover when asked about the possibility of a team-up film:

“No, not really. I think they are separate characters, and I don’t think we’re ever going to see them together.”

The quotes come as “Jason Bourne” comes to Blu-ray, DVD and rental VOD next week.