Netflix Acquires “Wandering Earth” Global Rights

Netflix Acquires Wandering Earth Global Rights

China’s first sci-fi action film with high-end production values at the same scale as Hollywood blockbusters, “The Wandering Earth,” has been a smash hit and has earned over $610 million at the Chinese box office in just over two weeks.

Though it has also scored a limited release in a couple of other countries, streaming giant Netflix has now picked up international online rights to the film and will release it digitally everywhere bar China itself as Netflix is blocked within the Middle Kingdom because of Beijing’s ban on foreign content channels in the country.

There’s no word as yet regarding when the film will launch on the service beyond sometime later this year. Frant Gwo helms the film based on Liu Cixin’s short story which revolves around the imminent explosion of the sun. This prompts humanity to attempt to propel Earth outside of the solar system to find a new celestial home in deep space – but become caught up in Jupiter’s gravity well.

Source: THR