Millions Could Abandon Netflix For Disney+?

Millions Could Abandon Netflix For Disney

A new survey suggests that as much as 14% of current U.S. Netflix users are considering cancelling the service so as to replace it with the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

The survey, conducted by data analysis firm Mindnet Analytics (via Streaming Observer), polled 602 current random U.S. Netflix subscribers with the aim of seeing how the Mouse House’s new SVOD service might impact the streamer.

The result was that above which, when translated to the full user base, could constitute up to 8.7 million users being lost. That’s unlikely though as the service is being positioned as complementary rather than competitive with Netflix (at least for now).

Either way, people are seemingly interested with 37.5% of respondees intent on trying Disney+ when it comes out, and around 20% already planning on subscribing to both services. A full 40% though have zero interest in Disney+.

A big factor is kids. 23% of households with kids under 15 may cancel Netflix in favor of Disney+, that number drops to 10% for those without kids. Disney is currently projecting to reach 60 to 90 million Disney+ subscribers within the first five years.