McQuarrie On Rejected Superman & Lantern Film

Mcquarrie On Rejected Superman Lantern Film

Not that long ago came rumors that “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” director Christopher McQuarrie was going to make a DC Comics film, one that was likely to be either a “Man of Steel” sequel or a reboot of “Green Lantern,” and that it was more than just a pipe dream and something that was seriously pitched.

Then McQuarrie signed up to helm the seventh and eighth “Mission: Impossible” films back-to-back which put an end to any such talk as he’s booked for the next few years. Speculation got so rampant though that in January this year he tweeted out not to believe any of it and the only accurate talk about him and comic book films would come from his own mouth.

McQuarrie previously said that he and “Man of Steel” actor Henry Cavill did talk a potential Superman film with each other whilst filming ‘Fallout’. On Twitter today, he went further whilst answering random questions from fans. He revealed that he pitched two films – “Green Lantern Corps” and a “Man of Steel” sequel – with both interconnected. The studio wasn’t interested:

“Green Lantern was a written proposal. Superman was a pitch… It [the Green Lantern proposal] tied into the Superman movie that Cavill and I were proposing. No takers. The studios have never cared for my original ideas. They prefer that I fix their broken ones… They never said no. They just never moved on it. This was just before Fallout was released. And no, I would not reconsider. There‚Äôs too many other things I want to do…. I must tell you, the possibility of my doing a superhero movie is remote in the extreme.”

He also said he had a “conversation with the previous regime” about a “Green Lantern” film years ago that but he was fired from that potential project before he even started writing. The reason. he says, was that he was “too adamant in my defense of the series’ core ideals”.

McQuarrie is expected to film the next two ‘Mission’ films throughout much of next year ahead of releases Summer 2021 and Summer 2022.

Source: Twitter