McKay Sets “Uninhabitable Earth” Series At HBO

Mckay Sets Uninhabitable Earth Series At Hbo

“The Big Short” director and “Succession” creator Adam McKay has setup the anthology drama series “The Uninhabitable Earth” at HBO which just received the green light this week.

Inspired by David Wallace-Wells’ best-selling book and New York Magazine article, the story imagines the possible futures that could result from the rapid warming of our planet and all the potential disasters that come with it.

McKay recently closed a five-year, overall TV deal with HBO and HBO Max and is attached to write and direct the first episode.

The plan is for the first season to enlist top directors and writers to help create a series that “taps into our unease with just how delicately our planet is teetering on the precipice.”

The news hits just a week after McKay setup a “Parasite” limited series at the network with original director Bong Joon Ho on board. McKay also has a Jeffrey Epstein limited series about and a drama about the showtime-era of the Lakers both set at HBO.

Source: TV Line