Luc Besson Talks His “Valerian” Film

Following on from his success with “Lucy,” filmmaker Luc Besson is returning to the space opera genre which he last tackled with 1997’s “The Fifth Element”.

“Valerian” will be a whopping $180 million adaptation of the famous European comic of the same name, and is a project the helmer considers the largest challenge of his career.

Speaking with Heat Vision, Besson says he first tried to tackle Valerian years ago but: “I saw Avatar and had to throw the script into the garbage… It was too normal, it was not good enough. All the directors in the world have to thank him [James Cameron] because every five years he comes out with a movie and pushes us.”

Challenged by Cameron’s intense world building, Besson has apparently retained only around half of what he originally wrote. The story follows a 26th century time-traveling galactic agent and involves only five living actors along with a bunch of alien species all living on a spaceship twelve miles in diameter.

There will be a love story amid a larger story of good versus evil, but he wants to escape the film patterns of a villain introduced early and events being on a pre-determined course.

Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne star in the film which aims to begin a six month shoot in January ahead of a 2017 release. Besson admits: “The Fifth Element is a short film compared to this.”

Source: Heat Vision