Lindelof: No “Watchmen” S2 Planned…Yet

Lindelof No Watchmen S2 Planned Yet

One of the big selling points of HBO’s “Watchmen” is that it’s a self-contained event series, not an ongoing one, and so is effectively a one-and-done deal.

That said, the same was true of HBO’s “Big Little Lies” until those involved felt enough pressure to continue the story and did so earlier this year with a second season. Could the same happen with “Watchmen” following the rave reviews and solid ratings?

Showrunner Damon Lindelof spoke with EW recently and says though he understands why there could be a second season, he’s unsure if there will be and even if there is he’s likely not the guy to do it:

“This is a love letter and an examination of the original ‘Watchmen’… I wanted everyone to know this is not the middle of the trilogy, this is not the beginning of a seven-season run. In my opinion, the best iteration of any season of ‘Watchmen’ would mirror the original [graphic novel] in that it would be a self-contained story with the resolution of a fundamental mystery.

There’s always going to be space for more ‘Watchmen’. I feel like this world is so expansive – hopefully more expansive now than it was before. You could call something ‘Watchmen’ and not even feature any of the characters who were in the original or in this season as long as they all occupy the same world.

If I was going to do another season of ‘Watchmen,’ I would need to have a really cool idea and a justification for doing it. I don’t have either of those things right now. It doesn’t mean that they won’t come at some future point. I just finished the show four weeks ago. My antenna is up, but it’s like only getting static. I can’t say that there will definitely not be a second season and I can’t say there definitely will be. That’s kind of where my head’s at.”

While we may never get more episodes of “Watchmen,” a new tie-in letter on HBO.Com has seemingly solved one of the show’s lingering mysteries – who is Lube Man?

“Watchmen” is available now on HBO and became available for purchase on digital platforms like iTunes this morning.