Liman On “Edge of Tomorrow 2” & “Gambit”

With the announcement not that long ago of the next two “Mission: Impossible” films being done back-to-back, it seemingly also suggested that chances of a sequel to the acclaimed Tom Cruise-led 2014 sci-fi action feature “Edge of Tomorrow” were kaput.

Cruise starred in the first film as a military PR man who gets stuck in a time loop in the midst of an alien invasion. Every time he dies, he starts the day over. Eventually, he comes across the path of war hero Rita (Blunt) and every day must convince her to help him with his cause.

In March this year, the project got a break as Warner Bros. Pictures brought aboard writer Matthew Robinson to develop the script. Were it to be approved, the film’s stars Cruise and Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman were all expected to return.

The other week Liman offered a brief update to about the new film, confirming that the “script is ready” right now and the hope is to film it once the eighth “Mission Impossible” film is done: “I’m hoping. If we’re going to do it, that would be the time.”

Liman also spoke about his involvement in a pair of comic book movies a few years ago – “Justice League Dark” for DC and X-Men spin-off “Gambit” for Fox. Liman walked away from both projects and was asked why he did that. He says:

“It’s always about the script. Getting a great script is so hard, especially for an action script because – and especially for the movies I want to make – I want to be completely original and yet still be commercially satisfying and usually the commercially satisfying ideas are things that people have seen before, like if someone already discovered that and that’s why it shows up in movie after movie.”

Liman recently produced the second season of YouTube’s “Impulse” which launches today. He also directed the Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley-led “Chaos Walking” which opens next year.