“John Wick” Scribe To Pen “Just Cause” Film

John Wick Scribe To Pen Just Cause Film

Constantin Film has scored the film rights to the hit video game franchise “Just Cause” and have set “John Wick” franchise creator and writer Derek Kolstad to pen the adaptation.

A deal was made with game owner Avalanche Studios and Square Enix, with Prime Universe Films to produce the film with the hope it will launch a big action franchise. Jason Momoa’s name was attached back in 2017, but that no longer seems the case.

Over 26 million copies of the games have sold worldwide and follow Rico Rodriguez (aka. Scorpio), a CIA operative and occasional freelance mercenary who specialises in ‘regime-change’ operations.

In each game, you overthrow the despotic dictatorship of an entire nation – the first in the Caribbean, the second in Micronesia, the third in the Mediterranean and the fourth in South American.

The games boast massive open world sandbox environments where almost everything is destructible and you have a high powered grappling hook, retractable parachute and more.

The aim of the game is essentially to blow up as much as you can and cause chaos, while the tone starts out as a 1980s action blockbuster and gets increasingly ridiculous.

Robert Kulzer and Adrian Askarieh will produce along with Kolstad and filming aims to begin in 2020

Source: Deadline