Japanese Trailer: “Lupin The Third: The First”

Japanese Trailer Lupin The Third The First

A new Japanese trailer has been released for “Lupin III: The First,” a CG animated take on the classic Monkey Punch manga and anime series which was also one of the early working gigs of famed filmmakers and Studio Ghibli co-founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Set for release on December 6th, the new film revolves around world-renowned thief Lupin partnering with a woman named Leticia to acquire the Bresson Diary – a treasure that guarantees great fortune to anyone who can unravel its secrets.

This marks the character’s first appearance in a computer-animated feature with Takashi Yamazaki helming the project which Marza Animation Planet is animating. The producers of the film hope that this will be the first in a series that they hope will perform well internationally.