iTunes Movies Coming To Samsung TVs

Itunes Movies Coming To Samsung Tvs

In a partnership that is surprisingly not a shotgun wedding, rivals Samsung and Apple have come to a deal which will see Apple’s iTunes Movies and TV Shows app coming to Samsung’s 2018 and 2019 smart TVs.

This will allow Samsung TV owners to browse their existing iTunes libraries, and also rent and purchase new movies and TV show episodes from the iTunes store.

In addition, the TVs will also support Airplay, making it easier for iPhone owners to beam music and videos directly to their TV sets as opposed to having to go through an Apple TV device like they do now.

The iTunes app and Airplay update will be deployed to 2018 Samsung TVs via a firmware update starting this spring, and is expected to be included on 2019 TVs at launch.

The reveal comes before CES kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas where Samsung will reveal its TV line-up which is also expected to include support for Google Assistant.

Source: Variety