“Immortal” Explores Jack the Ripper In NYC

Immortal Explores Jack The Ripper In Nyc

XYZ Films and GFC Films are teaming to produce the Jack the Ripper-themed historical thriller “Immortal” for Metcalfe and GFC Films.

The period story follows two New York cops with conflicting morals – hot-shot Detective Byrnes and rookie cop James McCafferty – who must work together on the hunt for the infamous British serial killer whose killings suddenly ceased in 1888. This follows the theory that the Ripper sailed to New York and committed more killings.

Pete Dowling (“Flightplan”) penned the film which will be directed by Roger Donaldson (“Tomorrow Never Dies,” “Species”). Filming is slated to begin in late 2019 in New Zealand and the UK, with casting currently underway.

Source: Deadline