How The S.A.S. Was Born

“The Good Shepherd” saw an examination of the birth of the CIA, now plans are underway for a vaguely similar flick about the birth of the famously efficient British special forces unit – The Special Air Services (S.A.S.).

Scribe Rupert Walters (TV’s “Spooks”, “Restoration”) is penning a screenplay on the wartime activities of soldier and S.A.S. founder David Stirling for HandMade Films says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on Alan Hoe’s authorized biography, it gives a detailed account of 26-year-old Stirling leading the first successful “special operations” raid behind German lines in North Africa in December 1941.

Over the course of the next year with his unit, the SAS was formed and became the oldest and most famous of special forces units in the world – inspiring similar units such as Hong Kong’s SDU and the United States’ Delta Force regiments.