How “Black Lightning” Differs To CW’s DC Series

Actor Cress Williams has spoken with EW this week about how the upcoming CW series “Black Lightning” differs from the other DC Comics-inspired series on the network such as “Arrow” and “The Flash”.

In the series, Williams plays Jefferson Pierce, a New Orleans charter high school principal, father of two daughters, and a retired superhero who nine years ago used his superhuman powers as the masked vigilante Black Lightning.

Nearly a decade later and with crime and corruption spreading like wildfire, those he cares about are in the crosshairs of the menacing local gang and Black Lightning must return. On his character’s differences, Williams tells the mag:

“What makes it different is that really we’re a family drama. The origin story aside, they don’t have the ties of a family that’s keeping them tied to reality. Our show is also just really dealing with a grass roots superhero who is not trying to save the world, he’s trying to save his community. The fact that he just has the real world ties make it different.”

Williams also spoke about the power set of Black Lightning in the series and what he hopes to see further down the line:

“We haven’t gotten into flight, which I’m really excited about eventually getting to that. He has the ability to have limited flight, and that’s the superpower I would love to have. He controls all things electrically based, along with martial arts and the hand-to-hand combat thing. Without getting into too much, there are things that the new suit provides that the old suit didn’t. It’ll be very fun, let’s put it that way.”

“Black Lightning” is slated to premiere mid-season, though the pilot will be screened this coming week during San Diego Comic Con.