House of Cards S3 Was Shot In 6K

Netflix has been a major supporter of the 4K ultra HD resolution standard, the company this time last year becoming one of the first streaming services to offer some of its own original content in 4K resolution (3840×2160) versus the 1920×1080 ‘Full HD’ standard used for Blu-rays.

Last year the company also pledged that all the content it produces from mid-2014 onwards will be filmed and made available on the service in 4K. Now though it seems they may have gone beyond what’s required of them. reports that the recently launched third season of its flagship political drama “House of Cards” was NOT shot at 4K resolution. In fact it was shot at a whopping 6K resolution (6144×3160), and had its visual effects shots done in 6K as well.

Only high-end professional video production cameras are capable of shooting at that resolution. Most films get shot at 4K and have their visual effects work done in just 2K resolution, which makes the move all the more impressive.

It also means more storage space is required. The non-compressed master copies of the individual episodes come in at an astonishing 5.5 terabytes each, compared to the 2.5 terabytes of the 4K masters.

The move suggests the company is certainly future proofing its most valuable asset, its original content, to be ready for when above-4K TVs become the next standard.