Hodson On “Batgirl, “Birds of Prey” Scripts

The recent “Transformers” spin-off “Bumblebee” has been receiving very strong reviews, and while the box-office has been soft comparatively – creatively it’s seen as a big improvement on what came before.

This week the film’s screenwriter Christina Hodson spoke with CBM about the project and talked about two of her upcoming projects – the “Batgirl” and “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn)” films at Warner Bros. Pictures. The “Birds of Prey” project begins filming in January and of it Hodson says:

“Yeah, January. Super excited. Our cast is awesome. Most of it has leaked, so you already know who’s playing who. I’m super excited about the cast, about the characters. And it’s really fun and different and honestly, I think aside from the fact that, obviously, the studio would like me to not say anything, I think it’s fun not to say anything yet because that means there’s going to be whole bunch of fun little surprises for fans and for new people to the DC universe to discover.”

Asked about how the Batgirl script is progressing, she says it’s still very much in the writing phase: “Not something I can speak to. But, yeah, I’m loving writing it, I can say that, it’s a total joy to work on. I love the character. And everyday I’m finding new things to love and get excited about.”