Henry Cavill Addresses The Snyder Cut Talk

Amongst all the talk of a ‘Snyder Cut’ of the box-office dud “Justice League,” much of the cast has weighed in over the course of the last few months with one notable exception – Henry Cavill.

The “Man of Steel” actor remains steadfast in his desire to keep playing the role and to hopefully do a “Man of Steel” direct sequel at some point, with rumors recently suggesting J.J. Abrams could direct a new installment.

Out doing promotional rounds for his “The Witcher” TV series on Netflix, Cavill was asked by Kevin McCarthy about his stance on the SnyderCut and he offers a surprising reveal – he’s not sure it exists:

“I have not seen any #SnyderCut. I don’t know if there’s anything that exists that’s a #SnyderCut. I’m sure there’s footage out there that’s probably been pieced together over the years, [and] while I’m always interested in seeing how stuff like that turns out, that is very much a chapter in my past.

I would rather talk about what’s going to happen in the future – the future of Superman and how I can express that character from the comics. Which ties in nicely to Man of Steel. I really liked that movie and I’d like to tell the story from where it was left at that point.”

Separately he also talked to Jake Hamilton and was asked if there was a reason he didn’t join his ‘League’ costars in tweeting about the SnyderCut to which he said: “I wouldn’t say there’s any particular reason. I, it’s… I mean, I miss my mustache. Which is the most important thing. And for me it was just a harrowing reminder that I didn’t have it anymore. And so I just didn’t want to dig that wound any deeper.”

The comments come as filmmaker Zack Snyder himself has taken to social media with a photo of film canisters that he claims proves a ‘Snyder Cut’ of “Justice League” exists in physical form.